About CITA



Your one-stop shop for all academic and career-related decisions necessary to achieve your dream goal is CITA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS. We at CITA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS assist students in selecting and enrolling only in reputable international universities that best suit them.

Students who want to graduate or take a post-graduate course have a number of options when it comes to studying abroad. However, it can be difficult and overwhelming to find the right college and apply. We come in to help with this. In addition to assisting students in selecting the best university for them, we also take care of the entire academic process, including preparation for entrance exams, application forms, visa assistance, education loan assistance, and more.

Who We Are

India-based education consulting firm CITA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS has a headquarters in Delhi. In addition to Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, the United Kingdom, Malta, and the Ireland, CITA collaborates with more than 300 universities, colleges, and other educational institutions. Since its inception in 2009, CITA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS has been assisting students pursuing higher education abroad with professional career counseling and consulting.


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide students with as much accurate and relevant information as possible to help them succeed in any country and pursue their career goals. The need for high-quality education has arisen as a result of fierce competition and the requirement of special skills in all fields. Multiple choices must be chosen and identified by students, which can cause a lot of confusion and stress. Our team at CITA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS is committed to ensuring that every aspect of a decision is taken into account. Due to the fact that the majority of our team members have completed their education in another country, they are also able to provide firsthand information on numerous aspects that students do not even take into account when applying.